Event Marketing Services

We know how to sell, but we also offer event marketing services as part of our core competencies.  Our team has been on both sides of the table. We’ve been selling sponsorships and activating on-site for a long time. Let us leverage that experience and knowledge to help your brand come to life.

What sets us apart:

  • We’ve been in the industry a long time and know how to navigate the event and festival landscape
  • We know what you should be paying for sponsorships
  • Our team can identify key properties and negotiate the best deals to maximize the budget
  • We know what is impactful and can execute memorable experiences

Our capabilities:

Sponsorship Activation

  • Custom On-Site Builds
  • Activation Execution
  • Brand Integration


  • Event Creation
  • Pop-Up Experiences
  • Influencer and Buzz Events

Sampling Programs

  • New Product Launch Support
  • Field and Street Teams
  • Consulting Services

Mobile Tours

  • Ideation and Production
  • Routing and Logistics
  • Staffing

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